Melody Martini has served as Vice President of Accounting since 1998, overseeing the Accounting department, and in that time, has built a department that serves the needs of each of our clients/owners.

A primary goal of our accounting department is to ensure that all of the sites we manage and all owners remain in compliance with standard accounting practices as well as the requirements of a variety of regulatory agencies.  We are a full-service accounting department, and as such, we offer the opportunity to our clients to allow us to perform most or all of the accounting tasks required by regulation.

As with all other areas of management, Barcelon Associates’ accounting staff is familiar and able to work with HUD’s financial reporting system, its web-based Secure Systems, and all of HUD’s reporting requirements.

Barcelon Associates currently utilizes Yardi Voyager Property Management web-based software.  We also use Microsoft Excel and other programs that can easily interface with many other applications and programs and can easily be tailored to meet the requirements your community.

Some examples of Reports that we are able to generate are:

  • Cash Flow
  • Income Statement
  • Budget Comparison
  • Deposit Register
  • Check Register
  • Payables Register
  • Balance Sheet
  • General Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Journal Entry

In addition to these reports generated by our Accounting Department, Barcelon Associates usually provides a Variance Report generated by the Corporate Asset Manager assigned to this property.  Monthly financial reports would be provided not later than the 20th of the following month.

Along with standard accounting services, Barcelon’s Asset Managers and the Accounting Department provide annual budget development.

Currently, Barcelon Associates’ Accounting Department provides monthly accounting information on a “Cash” basis and annual accounting information on an “Accrual” basis.

As part of Barcelon Associates’ endeavor to simplify and make more secure our rent deposit process, all of our sites utilize an electronic check scanner system that simultaneously deposits funds and generates a deposit record.

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