After many years of providing quality management, Barcelon Associates Management Corporation has been able to develop policies and procedures that address all aspects of site property management. We have intentionally codified and built management manuals in the areas of Accounting, Maintenance, Occupancy, Safety, and Social Services. New employees receive a comprehensive Day-One orientation, and we maintain our Employee Handbook that covers policies and practices, standards of conduct, benefits, Federal and State leaves, employee rights, harassment training, and employee responsibilities.

As good managers, our goal is to be proactive and not reactive. Emergency procedures, including emergency evacuation plans are written and developed specifically for each community managed by Barcelon Associates. In addition, site maintenance staffs are required to complete and maintain preventive maintenance schedules.

One additional area of management of which Barcelon Associates is proud and which we feel attests to our qualifications is our strong training program. Many years ago, we determined that in order to offer quality services to both residents and owners, we needed to provide our staff with all of the tools necessary to be successful; thus, was born our in-house Barcelon training program, which is mandatory for all new employees, and includes training in Harassment Prevention, Work Rules, Psychosocial Aspects of Aging, Diversity in the Workplace, Employee Safety, and Elder Abuse Prevention.

All site staff members are required to attend training in Fair Housing. All site Occupancy staff are required to attend and pass a course as a Certified Occupancy Specialist. All other site staff members are offered in-house and outside training in areas such as maintenance, leadership development, conflict management, and working with difficult residents.

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