Perhaps one of the most challenging components of successful property management is getting and remaining compliant with all of the regulations and procedures associates with the Occupancy functions of a housing site.  In truth, these regulations and the related rules for implementation are a “moving target”.  Barcelon Associates has established a corporate position of Director of Occupancy whose primary function is to maintain constant compliance with all regulatory agreements and all regulatory agency rules and policies – ON TIME.

Our Director of Occupancy first learns all of the systems required for a particular site, brings that site into timely compliance, trains site staff to perform their respective duties, and then monitors the site staff work and compliance on an ongoing basis.  This corporate staff person sees that all site resident files are uniform and meets the specifications of the owners and regulatory agencies.

Barcelon Associates is always prepared for a Management Occupancy Review (MOR). We have a great reputation with regulatory agencies for maintaining quality files, great compliance, on-time responses, and even collaborating with agencies in problem-solving issues that affect sites universally.

Barcelon Associates received an email from a MOR reviewer at CAHI requesting confirmation for scheduling upcoming Management and Occupancy Reviews on two of the properties that we managed.  He wanted to conduct two reviews in the same week.  His exact words to us were:

“I do not anticipate there to be any difficulties with your properties and therefore it made sense to do these two properties in the same week.”

As mentioned in the section above regarding Administration, all site staff members who perform Occupancy functions attend and must pass a course to become a Certified Occupancy Specialist.  This training, in addition to extensive in-house training and monitoring, make Barcelon Associates a great choice as a management company that is eminently qualified to perform all Occupancy tasks required.

Finally, it is important to note that for almost 10 years, Barcelon Associates has worked with HUD’s Public and Indian Housing Information Center (PIC) system.  We are very familiar and experienced with the completion and submission of HUD-50058 forms, as well as all other management functions within PIC.

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