Human Resources

Barcelon Associates has a complete Human Resources Department that provides HR services for site employees at each of the sites that we manage, as well as for all our corporate staff.  Our Human Resources Department is supervised by Barcelon’s Director of Human Resources, who has over 25 years experience in the human resources industry, and allows us to maintain our great reputation as a firm that treats its staff fairly and generously, adheres to a high standard of accountability for all our employees, and maintains the highest level of compliance with all local, state, and federal labor regulations.

Functionally, Barcelon Associates’ HR department manages payroll, benefits, government-mandated as well as in-house leaves, vacations, sick days, the 401K retirement program, standards of conduct and disciplinary processes, employee conflicts, Workers’ Compensation, government reporting, and all employment policies and practices.

Barcelon Associates safeguards the privacy and confidentiality of its employees, candidates, vendors, and residents.  Our Employee Handbook specifically states:

“Each Employee is responsible for safeguarding confidential information obtained during employment. In the course of the Employee’s work, Employee may have access to confidential information regarding the Company, its suppliers, its residents, or perhaps even fellow Employees. It is the Employee’s responsibility to in no way reveal or divulge any such information unless it is necessary for the Employee to do so in the performance of his/her duties. Access to confidential information should be on a “need-to-know” basis and must be authorized by the Employee’s supervisor. Any breach of this policy will not be tolerated and disciplinary and/or legal action may be taken by the Company.”

As with the other aspects of property management, we feel that we at Barcelon Associates bring the highest qualifications to become property managers.

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